There is nothing more humbling than to have friends, colleagues, community members, and issue-focused organizations reach out and offer their endorsement. I am honored to accept their support and will work hard to justify their faith in me.

John Crabbe

I would encourage friends and family who reside within the Green Bay School District to vote on April 6, and further encourage to cast a vote for Bryan Milz as one of your options.

Bryan is a current teacher of special education in a neighboring school district, he was also a special education teacher at Washington Middle School in Green Bay for 13 years prior. As a teacher he intimately knows the challenges, realities, and issues faced within the schools today and how the school board decisions directly impact the community, students, and teachers and will weigh those realities to his decisions.

I believe Bryan to be one of the best options for the future of the Green Bay School Board and for he community as a whole. Please join me in helping to elect a quality candidate, community member, knowledgeable educator, and fresh ideas to the School Board. Thank You.

Former State Senator Dave Hansen & Jane Hansen


We are pleased to endorse Bryan Milz for Green Bay Area Public School Board.  We have known Bryan for over twenty years, and have witnessed first hand his advocacy for students and our public schools.  


Bryan has worked in our public schools for nearly twenty years, working to ensure our students are reaching their full potential, and ready to be great community members.  He understands educational policy, and supports policies that help students learn.  He knows the importance of fixing our school funding policies, to ensure that we have the best resources available for our students.  


Bryan will strive to have a highly qualified teacher in front of our students, and to make sure that our schools are safe for all students, staff and community members.


Please join us in supporting Bryan Milz for School Board!

Mike Blecha

Former Press-Gazette reporter and editor, former member of the Green Bay Area Board of Education and past president of Blecha Wisconsin Association of School Boards


I have known Bryan Milz as a dedicated teacher and passionate advocate for public education.


I am supporting him for a seat on the Green Bay Area Board of Education as he will bring fresh ideas and a willingness to collaborate with others and reach out to community members for their perspective.


Mike Blecha, former Press-Gazette reporter and editor and former member of the Green Bay Area Board of Education and former president of the Wisconsin Association of School Boards

Ed & Barb Dorff

Community Leaders


II am happy to offer my support and endorsement for Bryan Milz and his candidacy for the Green Bay Area Public School District Board of Education.


Bryan is an independent-minded educator whom I first came to know when I was the Principal at East High School. Bryan was then a teacher at Washington Middle School and though our contact was limited, I knew of his work and his dedication to his students. After I retired and was then called back to serve as a substitute principal at Washington Middle School in the winter of 2014-15, I had the opportunity to see Bryan's work first-hand.


Bryan Milz is a highly principled professional who always put the needs and best interests of students first. He was one of the people on staff who unfailingly stepped forward when extra assistance was needed, and during any number of critical situations and special tasks he kept a cool head and professional demeanor.


I believe that Bryan will be an asset on the Board of Education as he brings experience in education to the decision-making table, tempered by a solid and unbiased understanding of the needs and desires of the larger community. (Ed Dorff)

I have known Bryan Milz for over 15 years.


I have known him as a dedicated teacher of Children with Special Needs. I have known him as a strong advocate for our minority children through his work in Diversity Circles.


Bryan Milz is an intelligent and hard working man. He will serve on the school board with integrity and bring with him a strong moral compass.


Bryan Milz has my vote for the Green Bay Area Public School Board and I am proud to endorse him. (Barb Dorff)

Brandon Micolichek

Former Student

I thought you were really good teacher.


You were probably the only teacher who ever tried to help me and make me a better person when no one else did. You actually made me realize I didn't have to become someone I didn't want to become because of my surroundings.


I always appreciated that you did that for me and that's why I always tried to better my self and I always try to help someone eles if I can.