My thoughts on the issues & opportunities facing GBAPS.

As a teacher, parent, and taxpayer, I bring a unique perspective to the opportunities and challenges facing our district. There is lots of passion but no easy answers when it comes to doing what is best for students, staff, and the community. I respect the difficult work already undertaken by the current school board, and I look forward to contributing my experience and expertise as we move ahead.


I am also committed to listening respectfully to the views of all my constituents and fellow board members and to treating each issue with the thoughtfulness it deserves.

First and foremost, I believe that students deserve a safe place to learn, and staff a safe place to teach. For some students, the time they are at school is the safest part of their day and, as a school board member, I will make my decisions with this priority in mind. 

I support:

  • Smart funding for student services, including school social workers, counselors, special education teachers, and support staff, to ensure that positions are sustainable in a post-COVID environment.

  • Depending on fact-based science to drive school board policies surrounding public health, schools, and safety.

  • Embracing the Community Schools model in which the district continues and expands partnerships with local organizations, to provide safe learning and childcare options before and after school. These partnerships will help students (and families) remain engaged with their schools and will provide opportunities to educate and care for the whole child.

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Child at the Doctor


  • Expanding the Community Schools model will help our schools provide and our families access:

    • mental health services,

    • medical and dental healthcare,

    • social workers, counselors and psychologists to assist with family and student needs, 

    • expanded opportunities in career training, technical skills, literacy, and financial planning, and 

    • expanded access to community resources such as the Brown County Library bookmobile.