Here's why I'm running for School Board.

I am running for the school board because I believe in the students, families, and staff of the Green Bay Area Public School District. In fact, I believe in the Green Bay Area Public Schools so much that I trust them with the education of the two people I value most - my beautiful daughters.

I also believe that as a former GBAPS teacher and someone who works with students of all abilities, I bring a unique experience and understanding to leveraging the opportunities and addressing the challenges facing our district.


I believe that the Green Bay public schools are doing a fantastic job providing opportunities to students to learn in unique settings, from Nature Based 4K, to the only K-12 International Bacculareuate Program in Northeast Wisconsin. I look forward to the opportunity to promote these programs in our community and to help expand our programing when possible.


The goal must always be to continuously improve the quality of education and care we offer our students and families.

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